Monday, April 5, 2010

Minute to win it!

I'm sure you guys have all seen the new game show Minute to win it on NBC. If you haven't you need to watch it. They list all the games on-line so you can practice at home. My mom put together a few of the games for us to play on Easter.

Game one: Punch your lights out, task to turn on the touch lights by throwing a bean bag at them in a minute.

Game two: Bottoms up, task tie a yo-yo around your wiest hanging on your backside then you have to get the yo-yo spinning to hit 6 cans over.

Game Three Elephant March, task put a ball at the end of a pantyhose then place on contestants head, who will then swing it back and forth to knock down 8 bottles.

Game four: Don't blow the joker, task place a deck of cards on an empty bottle, with the joker at the bottom face up, contestant must blow the deck off bottle leaving on the joker on top.


Megan Cahoon said...

sounds fun glad to see you are blogging again. :D

Calee said...

Looks like your fam has fun together; I wanna play minute to win it!

Anonymous said...

Looks Like Fun!!! I was so excited to see you are blogging... YAY!!! We miss you guys, it has been FOREVER!