Friday, May 22, 2009

Woman Of Steel

Well I did it! Last Saturday I competed in my first ever triathlon. Along with my sister Lacey, Mom, Aunt Donna, Aunt Kathy, and cousin Trisha. It was the Woman of Steel in A.F. It's a woman only tri, so perfect for my first one. Everyone did great, of course mom, Lacey, and Donna kicked my butt, I still did really well. We had to swim first 300 meters, bike 12.75 miles, and then run 3.3 miles, I completed it in an hour and thirty five minutes. I felt great for completing my goal. When I was all done my wonderful fiancee was there to greet me, with a beautiful tri necklace. I love him and my family so much for all their support, thanks guys! Way to go Mom, Lacey, Donna, Kathy, and Trisha!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wedding Announcement

For those of you who live out of town, or for those we missed in all of the wedding excitement here is our announcement. If your around feel free to drop by and say hi.