Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh how we love fall!

Well the past two weekends have been quite fun for me and Briton. His dad finally got his Elk which, finally gave me back my boyfriend. We started off driving the alpine loop. I love to see the leaves turning colors, it's so beautiful. At our journeys end we stumbled across a star gazing party, and were invited to look at the stars. It was really neat, we saw Jupiter and a few of it's moons. Over conference weekend, we went down to Briton's grandmas cabin, for some relaxing. We got to watch some conference, enjoy the changing leafs, play domino's, and my favorite watch Briton make sugar cookies. After he made them me, Briton, and his little sister Mckenzie decorated them. I love doing things with our families it's just so great. Well I just thought I would let you guys in on our very enjoyable weekends, here are some pictures!