Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

8:00 a.m- Turkey Trot
12:00 p.m- Eat
Rest of day EAT/SLEEP!!
4:00 a.m tomorrow-SHOP
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Well today has been quite a fun day. This morning me and my sister Lacey ran in a 5K race. It was a lot of fun I loved it, and it made eating dinner even better. Then since my parents are out of town me and Briton ate dinner with his family. It was way good, fun day oh here is a picture of a real turkey for you one of the 3 that is in Briton's house!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It finally happend!

Thursday November 20th, I'm at work eating my soup all alone, everyone else went out for lunch that day. I'm thinking to myself what a boring day. When Gloria one of our up front ladies came in and said there is someone here to see you. I was thinking it was one of our sales reps, and I really didn't want to talk to them, but Gloria assured me that it wasn't and that I needed to come see. When I came out to the front desk, I saw Briton. He was holding a long board that he has been making me. I was totally surprised to see him. I said "babe what are you doing here, you brought me my long board?" Then he handed it to me I started looking at it, not really examining it, until I saw that the back side said something, WILL YOU MARRY ME? I was so shocked at that time Briton got on one knee and asked me. Of course I said yes, so it's finally official. We are planning on June 13th! I'm so excited, I love Briton so much, and I can't wait to start my life with him!


Ok so I know we haven't been on for a long time so let me just fill you in. My family mom, dad, aunt's, uncle's, and grandparents are all going on a cruise over thanksgiving, and so is Briton's grandparents, so this past weekend was our Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures of my family's party that was on Saturday. Oh yeah it was also Rylee's birthday on November 14th she turned five years old. She loves Hannah Montana now, so we got her a shirt, she is wearing it in one of the Thanksgiving pictures.