Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

8:00 a.m- Turkey Trot
12:00 p.m- Eat
Rest of day EAT/SLEEP!!
4:00 a.m tomorrow-SHOP
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Well today has been quite a fun day. This morning me and my sister Lacey ran in a 5K race. It was a lot of fun I loved it, and it made eating dinner even better. Then since my parents are out of town me and Briton ate dinner with his family. It was way good, fun day oh here is a picture of a real turkey for you one of the 3 that is in Briton's house!!


Colton, Stacie, and Oaklee Mae said...

I'm very impressed! You've got some dedication to run on thanksgiving!! And yes we do need to have a little chat... Maybe on a Thursday I work we could grab some lunch?

Kayleb & Jamie said...

Congrats on the engagement! I am so excited you will officially be a part of the fam! Love you guys and hope to see you soon! I want to see the ring! Great job running on Thanksgiving you are good. I think I will just go have another piece of pie!