Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tri or NOT?

Well in July I started training to do a tri. It was going great, me, my mom, and Lacey were in a tri class. It was way fun, I acutually think I lost weight. Now with school I don't really have time to work-out. Here's the problem, my mom and sister and aunts are doing one in A.F october 4th, I could get back in the groove, I've only been off a week or two, but now I'm nervous that I wont be able to complete one. What should I do?


Angie said...

GO FOR IT!!!! Serious you will be so glad you did!

This coming from the girl who has exercised TWICE in the three weeks since school started.

Still I think it would be awesome. Maybe you would inspire me to get back in my workout routine. :)